My Patreon Page & "My Patreon Page".

Hey, you know that Patreon Page I told you about a while back?
Well, It's up!
And I've got a Fundraising video to go with it! It's a comedy short! It's a fundraising video! It's Two (CLICK) Two mints in one! When a one man filmmaker tries to have someone front him on his Patreon video, the results are...problematic. Written and Directed by Richard Jensen Reece Bredi, LeoDavid, Kalindi Garcia and Richard Jensen as "Richard Jensen" And Mig Windows as "Herself".

I dislike asking for money and as a middle aged white man, I'm not comfortable with opening up about my feelings. So when I wrote the script for the video, I wanted it to be both a mission statement as much as a fundraising plea. The idea being that if you like this, you'll love what we make.
So, if you like this short, please come on over to our Patreon page and chip in what you can. And in return, you get some goodies and your name on some cool ass comedy.

Posted on June 25, 2017 and filed under Comedy, Filmmaking, Patreon.