As you may have noticed from Social Media today, the first episode of the newly rebirthed MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 was made available for Kickstarter backers on Saturday.

Fun Fact: I am a Kickstarter backer!

I am now happy to answer any rhetorical questions you have about the show.

Oh God! Please tell me it doesn't suck!

If anything, it's the opposite of suck.  It's the anti-suck. It's the place where suck is pushed to it's knees and double-tapped behind it's left ear. THERE IS NO SUCK!
Okay the actual movie sucks. But that's the meat of the whole format. So I guess you could say that it just the right amount of suck.

Okay, it doesn't suck. But I'm terrified of change. Is this my Daddy's MST3K?

It's mostly your Daddy's MST3K.  The core format is about the same. Some poor schlub is forced to watch bad movies with two robots, Hilarity ensues. And it still looks like it was put together with cardboard and glue guns. 
This time around, the sets are cheaper but they're a heck of a lot larger.  The Mads have a live band. And everything is in shiny, shiny HD (Including the movie which really doesn't deserve it.)
Also, once Jonah and the bots work up a full head of steam, the jokes start flying faster than plates in a 60's Italian Comedy.  And the rhythm is far more Vivacissimo than anything seen in either the Joel or Mike years.
So yeah, It's kind of your Daddy's MST3K. If your Daddy just got a raise and celebrated with a Triple Espresso.'s good.

It's really good! I'm going to tread lightly because of spoilers.  But I can tell you that the movie they picked is absolutely the best possible choice for their first at bat. The writing is as sharp as ever.  And there's one host segment that may may be one of the best segments the show has ever done. 
My only complaint? Not enough of the Mads. But I'm going to assume that we'll be seeing more of them in future episodes.
But mild criticisms aside, the whole enterprise feels solid. This is no smash and grab nostalgia fest.  Hodgson and his collaborators have approached this show with love. And that love shines through in every wisecrack and witticism. It oozes from the glued styrofoam.
It is a comedy machine, fueled by joy.

Posted on April 12, 2017 and filed under Comedy, Movies.