Syria or: now this shit stops being funny.

There are two ways this can break.

Best Case Scenario:
If, as the prevailing theory on the left goes, Putin was in on this and told Assad to take the hit, we can expect the following. 
After much Saber Rattling, Trump and Putin make a show of making a great deal to get Assad out that will more than likely include an easing of Sanctions. That will give Trump bragging rights as a "Peacemaker" and give Putin some much needed breathing room.

Worst Case Scenario:
Putin and Assad had no Goddamn clue that Trump was gonna start throwing Tomahawks around. And because Trump has NO GODDAMN CLUE how to actually do international relations coupled with Cable News' reflexive eddie attaboying of said Tomahawk tossing, (Seriously, Fareed Zakaria! You're supposed to be one of the smart ones!) odds are he'll start throwing more around for the Endorphin Rush!
And if that happens...

Best Case Scenario:
I'm killed instantly in the irst round of blasts.

Worst Case Scenario:
Slow and painful death from either starvation and/or radiation.

So again to everyone who failed to heed the lessons of 2000 and Voted for Jill Stein because they thought Hillary Clinton would start World War III...

Posted on April 8, 2017 and filed under Politics.