My personal AHCA story.


So after I got off my day job this morning, I called Rep. Greg Walden's office about the ACHA.
I actually got a live person, a staffer named Justin who sounded like he was in his twenties and already just fucking over it.

"Hello, Greg Walden's office."

"Hi, my name is Richard Jensen and and I'm a constituent from the Ashland, Oregon and I'm calling to demand that Rep. Greg Walden vote no on the American Health Care Act that would take Health Care away from 24 Million Americans"

"Yes sir, I'll"

(Going off MoveOn.Org script.) "And let me point out that I'm a fifty-one year old man with Type II Diabetes..."

"Yes, sir."

"..And if this bill passes..."

"Yes, sir.


"YES, SIR...I will pass this on to Rep. Walden."

Just fucking over it!


Posted on March 24, 2017 and filed under Politics.